Hurricane Irma Relief Fund for Cocodiving

Dear Friends & Clients of Coco Diving Center,


Thank you very much for sending us your kind messages and inquiring about our safety after the Hurricane Irma. We are okay. However, on the contrary to our safety, our diving center has a different story...


Coco Diving Center has been giving hopes and dreams to the people who have yet to explore the underwater world, and to the divers and snorkelers from around the globe who love the oceans for the past 2 decades.

Our diving center is an integral part of our community and rated #1 diving center in Cuba. Over the years, our professionalism, friendly service and care have been well noted by many new and repeat clients.

Due to the major destruction caused by Hurricane Irma (September 8-10, 2017), our diving center has been severely affected. With a lack of resources at hand, we ask for your support to help us revitalize our diving center.

With every dollar we raise from your generous donation (there is no amount too small or too big), we will repair our building, replace damaged items and restore our business as quickly as possible. Additional aid will be used to assist our neighbors and community in need.

Please give us hope to fight against the recent devastation. Help us make our diving center and community great again.



The Staff at Coco Diving Center
Cayo Guillermo, Ciego de Ávila, Cuba