Fun Diving Package

For Certified Divers

No. of DivesPrice
145.00 cuc
283.00 cuc
3119.00 cuc
4153.00 cuc
5185.00 cuc
6215.00 cuc
7243.00 cuc
8269.00 cuc
9293.00 cuc
10315.00 cuc

 After 10 dives, 25 cuc per an additional dive


Night Diving

Prerequisition: 'SSI Night & Low Visibility Diving' certification or equivalent

Dive Sites:
Triton (12 meters depth)
Academia (12 meters depth)

We highly recommend bringing your own primary and secondary dive lights as well as a locator light.

60.00 cuc

Other Offers

Try Scuba Diving / Basic Scuba Diver

Introductory Course

Pool training 10am-12pm and one open water dive in the sea at 12:30pm

70.00 cuc

Scuba Skill Update Refreshing Course

Recapture the feeling of total confidence by updating the skills learned in your Open Water Diver course in the pool after a longer period without diving

25.00 cuc


Including boat ride and snokel equipment

25.00 cuc

15.00 cuc (12 years old and under)

Basic First Aid

First Aid & CPR

100.00 cuc

SSI Courses

Open Water Diver (18m)

365.00 cuc

Scuba Diver (12m)

240.00 cuc

Specialty  Course

150.00 cuc | 1 Specialty course with required training dives

100.00 cuc | 1 Specialty course without traning dives

2 Specialty Courses

265.00 cuc

4 Specialty Courses

500.00 cuc

Diver Stress & Rescue + Basic First Aid

330.00 cuc

Advanced Adventurer

Trial dive of 5 different kinds of Specialty courses of your choice

200.00 cuc

Referral Program

For those who have already taken theory and pool traning, and obrained a Referral Program document to finish four open water check-out sessions with Coco Diving Center

230.00 cuc


SSI Professional Courses

Dive Guide Program

400.00 cuc


Diver Stress & Rescue certification, 40 logged dives, Advanced Open Water or equivalent experience: Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility, Deep Diving.

Minimum age: 18 years old

Assistant Instructor Program

450.00 cuc


Divemaster certification (Dive Guide + Science of Diving), 60 logged dives

Minimum age: 18 years old

** Please Note: All credit card payment is subject to a 3% service charge.