Wall Diving in Trinidad


Two Shore Diving and City Tour

Prerequisition: Open Water Diver certification

Minimum 6 people required to make this trip

Diver: 119.00 cuc | Non-Diver/Snorkeler: 49.00 cuc

Scuba Diving Courses


Don't have your Open Water Diver certification? Or you haven't tried Scuba Diving yet?

We have various scuba diving course that you can learn.

  • If you are not sure Scuba Diving is your thing, you can try a Try Scuba Diver course. We teach you the basics of diving in pool in the morning, and take you out for a diving to the sea in the afternoon. 70 cuc
  • If you'd like to go diving around the world in the future, we highly recommend to take your Open Water Diver certification course. Upon completion of your certification course, you would be able to go diving up to 18 m anywhere around the world.  This certification course will take up to 4 days. You can start your academic course free online at www.divessi.com, and set Coco Diving Center as your destination diving center, and complete your course with us here in Cayo Guillermo, Cuba. 365 cuc
  • If you'd like to take a Open Water Diver certification course, but you don't have enough time during your vacation in Cayo Guillermo. We have Scuba Diver certification course, which enables you to go diving around the world with a dive guide up to 12 m depth. The course would take a few days. 240 cuc

The choice is yours, let us know if you are interested in taking a course with us!

Please click on SSI Scuba Diving Courses page for more details.


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